What Triggers Stress?

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Life is so stressful. We hear a lot of people utter a sigh of weariness as they face another day, full of stress. Nobody likes it and it can strike anyone in a speed of light. Centuries ago, the word “Stress” itself is not even known to mankind. Is there something stressful with the modern age that we seem to love and live the word just as it is? Is it all in our minds?

Here’s another truth pill to swallow hard: Stress is not really what’s happening around you. It is the way we react to these external stimuli that makes us feel stressed in the first place. The tricky part is, these triggers can be anything and anyone at anytime. It ambushes you when you least expected. Now that a new study has revealed that our daily stress can trigger cancer, stress becomes no laughing matter suddenly. If stress causes cancer cells to mutate and replicate, isn’t it time to find our inner peace and be free from the woes of our daily living?

The Key to A Stress-Free Life: Awareness

By being aware of what causes your stress ( which includes irrational fears, worries, panics, sadness, or anxiety ), you can prepare yourself to be more adept in handling these stress triggers that you may not consciously notice:

  1.  Money

Debts, late payments, defaulted loans, foreclosures, failed investments, and so on – you name it. Finances can really cause a lot of stress to a person, specially when the consequences of not getting these problems solved are truly dire. The best way to deal with it is save for the rainy days, or simply, have an emergency cash reserve and watch out your spending habits.

  1.  Family and Relationships

Unfortunately, humans are social animals and emotional discord can put a toll on one’s sanity, not to mention, the heart. Disputes can happen most of the time and anything may spark an argument. Beat this stress by thinking first before speaking or acting out something you might regret later. If you can avoid the blaming game, do so. You may step out for a while to get some fresh air and a nice walk to clear your hot head.

  1.  Work

From the gossip folks to your nasty boss, your work can be a cause for stress where you might even feel dragging yourself to the office each day. Then, there is the threat of downsizing, mergers, or take-overs due to the tough economy nowadays. Keep your cool and always maintain a professional relationship with everyone. If you feel overworked, have a break… or perhaps, you need to find a new job that you will truly love.

  1.  Poor Diet

You are what you eat! No doubt about that statement. Now, are you eating your good share of fruits and vegetables daily? Are you drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated all day? Eating bad types of food can trigger an inner chain reaction that will make you irritable, tired, and so on. Keep in mind that stress is also triggered by all those trapped toxins inside you.

  1.  Substance Abuse

Are you addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, or pills? You are just putting more work for your lungs, liver, and kidneys. If these addictions make you feel good, remember that it’s just temporary. You don’t really want to be dependent on these things. Learn to face your daily troubles for it won’t go away no matter how many of these substances you use. Be matured enough to deal with your problems.

Stress can really wreak havoc on every aspect of your waking hours – from the mental, emotional, to the physical. This is an unhappy feeling which will resonate in the way your body lives. A happy mind means a healthy body. If you feel all worked up, maybe it’s time to reassess your life and start living a better one. You can make a habit of keeping a stress journal and writing down how you feel about a bad situation. It can help release all those pent up feelings. You may also try deep breathing exercises, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, or sound therapy. Whatever your choice is to live a stress-free life, remember that it matters most to choose healthy. Aim to Be Stress-Free!

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