Relieve Stress the Natural Way

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Since most people do not like taking any kind of medications in any form or fashion, try these tips to relieve stress naturally.

First and my favorite is to take a walk outside. The fresh air and the exercise are two of the best stress relievers in the world. As you walk, look at flowers that are blooming, listen to the birds chirping, watch children at play. All of these can really beat the blahs and can also beat the bulge.

Second…I truly enjoy reading or writing. I love to settle down when everyone is asleep and read (preferably the Bible) or write a story for blog. Reading and writing can actually take you into a world all your own. If you are reading a book, become one of the characters. If you are writing a story, write something whimsical and fun and funny.

Third…laugh. Just start laughing for no reason and keep doing it for at least five minutes. That may sound hard, but once you start it is very hard to stop. Laughing not only relieves stress but also lowers your blood pressure and can actually relieve some aches and pains. Give it a try it is wonderful.

Fourth and probably one of the most well known remedies is to take a warm bath. Light some candles in the bathroom (such as lavender or vanilla), fill the tub with warm (not too hot) bubbly water, slide down into it, and fantasize about being in a beautiful field of flowers (or, if you are single, dream about Fabio or whomever you like).

Fifth…talk to a friend. Get together with a friend, go have coffee or lunch, and just talk. It does not have to be about anything specific. Just talk about old times. Talk about fun things you like to do. Talk about anything except jobs, home, dating, boyfriends et cetera (you know, the things that cause stress in our lives). If you are married and have children, find a babysitter and you and your spouse go out and have a nice dinner, maybe a movie, or maybe take a walk somewhere quiet and beautiful.

Sixth…stretch. Just get up and stretch your legs, your arms, your back et cetera. Do some neck rolls, twirl your hands and feet slowly, clinch your fist into tight balls and hold for five seconds then release slowly, or any other way you can stretch your body. Stretching can help relax muscles and in turn help relax your mind and mood.

These are just a few ways I like to relax and de-stress. But, be creative. Think of your own ways and then do them every time you feel like your are going to blow up.


Personal experience of having plenty of stress in my life

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