Online Shopping Anxieties?

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Looking for the perfect company to shop online with? Everyone looks for a good reputable company to shop with, especially when large amounts of money are involved. There are several tips and suggestions that you can follow to help ensure you are not ripped off, and that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Tip #1. Always check the reputation of the company that you are considering purchasing from. For example, look around for online reviews to see how others have enjoyed their transactions with the online retailer. Some retailers are good honest companies who are willing to make customers happy. Other companies will offer very low prices on a high dollar item, a camera for example and upon the order will insist that numerous expensive add-ons and accessories are required for the item to work property. This is an example of a bad seller. This is not a sales practice that most people are willing to tolerate in person, much less on the internet.

Tip #2. Shop around for the best deals. While only shopping at the same store is a great way to show loyalty, it can also hurt your wallet. For example, Wolfe Camera Online offers free shipping and no sales tax at times. Circuit City will also offer free shipping at times. These are not the only companies that offer deals like this. Sales and specials are great ways to save a lot of money. My digital camera I purchased online, I was able to save almost $200 even with having to pay the shipping and tax charges. These kinds of deals can rarely be found in stores. However, they exist in abundance online.

Tip #3. Have an idea of the item you want before you start looking. I think this saves you from ending up purchasing things your not needing and do not want. This means that if you already have an idea of what you want, then feel free to price shop. Do not just start randomly browsing stores. Just as window shopping in the stores can be very expensive and bad for your wallet, so can window-shopping online.

Tip #4. Pay using a credit card, or at least bank card if possible. This ensures that if something goes wrong with the transaction and you do not receive your item that you have some dispute measures at your disposal so you will not be completely out all of your money. This also has the added benefit of making check out go much quicker and be quite simple to complete. Most online stores are set up around processing electronic payments primarily.

Tip #5. Never use a fake e-mail address when making a purchase. The merchant is likely to use your email address to contact you in the event that your order is delayed. They also typically use this address to notify you when your item ships, how it ships, as well as send you the tracking number. You can see why a true e-mail address is important.

Tip #6. Never use a merchant who will not provide tracking information. You should be able to easily and without hassle receive tracking information from the merchant. If they are unwilling to provide tracking information without hassle, then move along to a company who will. If they are unwilling to provide tracking there is a risk that they might attempt at dragging out any disputes until they can no longer be filed. This is very risky and you should proceed with caution if a tracking number is not provided.

Tip #7. Before clicking submit, you need to double and triple check your address and contact information. If you have checked it once, check it again to ensure your package will make it to your house, instead of your neighbor. Not all neighbors are honest, and they may not bring you your package if it ends up at their house instead of yours.

Tip #8. Keep your order number, or order confirmation number in case you need to contact customer support. This will enable them to quickly look up your order and let you know status should a problem arise. If you do not have this number, they can usually still look up your account, however it will take a bit longer which results in your time being wasted and additional frustration when you are already upset.

We have covered some very good tips and suggestions on how to protect yourself while doing online shopping. Being careful is the key to successful transactions, always review your credit card statement when it comes in to ensure that the amount authorized and the amount actually charged are also the same, and happy shopping.

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