How to Get Rid of Your Anxieties

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These days, whenever you make a mistake, some kind of alarm will let you know it was a mistake. If you forget to buckle your seat belt in your car, a light will come on. The same happens when you forget to turn off your turn signal or even leave your phone on. Though they are annoying, these warnings aren’t there to make you fret over small stuff. The reason they are there is to remind you to do something, to take action, and make this warning disappear.

You are probably asking what this has to do with you being calm and not worrying. The answer is everything.

Why We Experience Anxieties

Your thought process works similarly to that car or phone. If there is a problem, it reacts to tell you something is up and you should fix it. If you have an event coming up that you are not necessarily prepared for, your mind will let you know that you aren’t in the form of stress and worry. This anxiety is there to tell you to get back on track and fix it by getting prepared. The problem people have is that instead of fixing it is getting consumed in the worry and anxiety, which builds upon itself and leads us nowhere. The entire purpose of our emotions is to get us to do something to fix it. Emotions only leave when the problem is fixed.

Why These Anxieties Don’t Go Away

Just as that light on the car keeps blinking until the problem is fixed , our emotions work the same way. If you give a short answer to your mind that it’s okay and not to worry, it may seem a sound solution. The problem is that our subconscious still realizes there is not a fix; only a reassurance. Obviously, this sends the mind into more turmoil and you come out more stressed than going in. The simplest way to get rid of this compulsion is to logically explain to yourself why everything will be okay. Reason it out and let it sink in instead of throwing in positives unjustly.

What Not to Do

Majority of people cope with their anxieties wrong. If the car is beeping at you because you left the keys in the ignition, it doesn’t make sense to lock your door. The point is that when we get stressed, we look for the fast relief from it. A number of people turn to substances and alcohol to remove this worry and stress. This quick fix soon turns into a bad habit, which turns into addiction. Remember to fix the problem completely instead of going to that quick fix, that way you can keep your head straight and your anxiety at a low.

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