How to Beat Stress

There are many times we all feel stressed in our lives, but there is a way to relieve it. If you think you may be stressed you can be suffering from a combination of symptoms displayed thorough different aspects of your life. This stress can affect the three major areas of your well-being: physically, mentally […]

Why Do Articles that Address Anxiety or Bitterness Rank so High in View Counts

Among my works of 2010, the articles that address anxiety or bitterness rank number one in reader views. It makes no difference which article submission site I check. My articles that deal with the healing of anxiety or the deliverance from bitterness of heart are actually viewed three to one over any of my other […]

How to Get Rid of Your Anxieties

These days, whenever you make a mistake, some kind of alarm will let you know it was a mistake. If you forget to buckle your seat belt in your car, a light will come on. The same happens when you forget to turn off your turn signal or even leave your phone on. Though they […]