What Are the Causes of Panic Attacks?

There are numerous causes of panic attack, such as stress at work, too little exercise, not enough leisure time, the list goes on. People don’t come to know the panic attack in the early stages but when it becomes regular, they notice it. Sometimes it happens that the patient is found dead due to over […]

Panic Prevails

Panic Prevails My mind races. Constantly worried. Why is my mind in such a hurry to think only the worst of things? I hate this feeling that anxiety brings. It’s unfair to judge me and say, “Just push those bad feelings away!” And please don’t hastily choose.. until you’ve already walked a day in my […]

Relieve Stress the Natural Way

Since most people do not like taking any kind of medications in any form or fashion, try these tips to relieve stress naturally. First and my favorite is to take a walk outside. The fresh air and the exercise are two of the best stress relievers in the world. As you walk, look at flowers […]